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Christmas and light houses

Light house - decoration with a difference

In many families, ceramic light houses are an integral part of the Christmas decorations. Light houses made of wood , based on the Erzgebirge model, are still more of a niche product. Completely wrong. The small romantic works of art exude their own charm and, above all, are space-saving and completely easy to decorate. Their many fine, delicate details make them something very special in any collection of decorative items for the Advent and Christmas seasons. Because here the artisans show a lot of inventiveness and creative skills. This awakens the passion for collecting !

Decorative house of lights for Christmas - also in miniature

Made from fine plywood, light houses are usually designed in combination with small turned figures, some of them colorfully painted. In our shop you will find light houses in the form of small Christmas market stalls where friendly sellers sell typical Christmas products. On the counters there are breathtaking miniatures of candle arches, pyramids or window pictures that are in no way inferior to their larger counterparts. But bakers also offer mini stollen and pastries for sale. The color of the light houses is usually natural.

New to the range are our tiny ones among the little ones. With incredible dimensions of 9 x 7 x 9 centimeters, the delicate light houses can be set up particularly beautifully in an ensemble. You can also use the permanently installed eyelet to hang up the miniatures . By working with international manufacturers, we can offer our customers light houses at a very affordable price . So you can order an entire miniature Christmas market to your heart's content. Because the quality speaks for itself despite the special price. By the way, the highlight in our range of light houses is the illuminated Christmas village in XL format.

Light house with LED lighting

All light houses are discreetly lit with one or two lights. Thanks to battery operation, our customers can arrange their light houses freely and independently of a socket. Thanks to the efficient and energy-saving LED technology, the batteries last a long time. We recommend using rechargeable batteries. Some of the light houses have a timer function that regulates the lighting. (Ideal for use in a child's room, for example.) The compartment for the batteries is usually well hidden.

Small, high-quality Christmas presents

Light houses are ideal for the windowsill , flanking the arch of lights or as decoration on the dresser or sideboard. They also look wonderful in the children's room. The small format and low price also make them a great gift idea - even for loved ones who already have a well-stocked collection. The small light houses still fit in everywhere and are not yet found in too many households.

The light houses complement other Christmas decorations perfectly and create a well-rounded picture in your home.

Our light houses are always made by hand from high-quality wood. Take your time to look around our shop and find the wooden light houses that are right for you !

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