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Smoking figure football player | 6 colors
      Räucherfigur Verkäufer | 4 Motive
          Räucherfigur Berufe | Händler

              Incense figures

              Smoke houses and figures

              Whatever you call them: incense figure, smoker, smoker - they are indispensable as part of the Christmas tradition. The typical scent of incense, myrrh, sandalwood, cinnamon, fir, etc. simply cannot be missed during Advent. Incense figures have been known and used for almost 200 years . Incense figures have their origins in the inventiveness of toymakers from the Ore Mountains - like nutcrackers and candle arches, they come from the mining industry. The miners' meager wages could be significantly improved by carving toys and decorative products.

              Today, incense figures, regardless of type, are known and sought after all over the world. They are now also produced around the globe .

              How do you use incense figures?

              By the way: Until there were incense figures as we know and use them today, incense was usually burned openly. Today it is more elegant and, above all, safer. Classic incense figures are usually divided into two parts: the incense candle is lit and placed in the lower base area. The upper part of the figure is hollow and is attached. This completely covers the glowing candle inside. In the figure, the smoke rises and emerges either from a mouth or pipe opening, or from a stylized chimney. Manufacturers have also made it possible to hang the incense candle upside down in the incense figure. It burns better this way.

              The spectrum of motifs is almost unlimited - there is something for every taste . Traditional professions are and were the most common form of representation for incense figures. But smoking ovens or smokehouses are also extremely popular. High-quality woods such as beech, birch, spruce, alder, maple or linden are used as materials. The body of the incense figures is turned or carved from this. Separately manufactured individual parts such as arms, legs and accessories are glued together. Faces and playful details are applied by hand.

              Passionate about collecting incense figure

              Do you know a household that doesn't have an incense figure during Advent? That hardly seems possible. Many have even fallen into a passion for collecting . Because once you succumb to the charm of the incense figures and their scent, you become a repeat offender and buy a small collection of different figures. The many national and international manufacturers have responded to this and created entire series of figures with similar themes. With several incense figures you can create small scenarios and tell true stories . With figures in the form of mushrooms, tiled stoves, motorcycles, locomotives, trees, etc., completely new contexts emerge that also work beyond the Advent season. Quite a few lovers of this craft also use incense figures as year-round decoration .

              The products in our online shop are lovingly made by hand. Here you will find classics such as the incense figure "Santa Claus" as well as curiosities and wonderfully colorful smokehouses.

              Wooden smokehouses

              Wood as a natural material is ideal as a material for manufacturing smokehouses. On the one hand, this makes them authentic, as most “forest houses” used to be made of wood. On the other hand, filigree craftsmanship is possible with wood that other materials cannot provide.

              Smokehouse as a modern alternative

              Smokehouses offer a variety of motif options. These are not limited to the look of old houses or log cabins, but are often modeled on modern versions or even American log cabins.

              Buy incense cones cheaply

              Of course, you will also find a wide selection of incense cones and incense cones in sets at an affordable price . The small cones from well-known brand manufacturers with classic Advent scents are also available with a floral scent.

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