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LED Weihnachtsdeko aus Mercury Glas | 5 Größen | 2 Motive
26 cm30 cm31 cm39 cm43 cm
    26 cm30 cm31 cm39 cm43 cm

      Glass ornaments

      Glass decoration

      Does it always have to be wood? Sure, Christmas and wooden decorations are inevitably linked. One does not exclude the other. And glass, like ceramic, is a tactilely exciting material, it appears elegant and allows for a wide range of colors. Our glass ornaments made of mercury glass or silver glass are uniquely elegant and majestic.

      Decorative objects made of silver-plated glass

      The double-walled silver glass, silver-plated on the inside, is made exclusively by hand . In our online shop you will find silvery and golden shimmering glass. The base is always a mouth-blown glass blank that is silver-plated on the inside. The glass body is then sealed airtight from below. Mercury glass is usually made of thinner glass. Because our glass ornaments are made of pure glass, they are extremely easy to care for and durable . Simply wipe with a wet cloth and your piece of jewelry will shine in its full glory again. However, please make sure that glass objects are easily breakable and should be placed where they are stable and where children's hands cannot reach them.

      Because they reflect light , mercury glass ornaments benefit from proximity to an arch, chandelier or pyramid. The points of light are reflected many times. This makes living rooms or the banquet table look even more festive and atmospheric.

      Glass ornaments and decorations with LED lighting

      A special highlight are our glass ornaments with LED lighting . This creates a magical play of lights and their reflection. In our online shop you will find glass ornaments made of finely crafted glass with battery-operated LED lighting on different themes . On the one hand, very classic as small Christmas trees or glass cones. On the other hand, very modern as an owl or design object. The stylish design of these exquisite light sources is always an atmospheric highlight in your home during Advent. We always guarantee you high quality at an attractive and affordable price.

      Clear glass ornaments

      Our non-silver-plated glass ornaments are also beautiful to look at. They are ideal as table decorations or as a complement to Erzgebirge folk art. Because modern Christmas decorations are on trend and should not be missing in households that keep up with the times. Glass makes the objects durable and valuable and allows them to last for many years. The interior of the tealight holders or Christmas trees made of fine glass is equipped with LED lighting and various materials, such as beads or natural fibers.

      All glass ornaments, whether Mercury glass or translucent, are powered by batteries or rechargeable batteries. This means they can be used independently of a socket and can be used wherever our customers want them. The LED candles glow warm white, are energy-saving and do not generate any heat. So ideal for home use . The on and off switch is located under the base or foot. Our illuminated glass tea light holders can also be equipped with a tea light, so you have the best of all worlds.


      Always on trend - decoration for Christmas

      Just take your time and take a look around our well-stocked online shop. It's worth coming back. We always track down the latest trends in glass ornaments and other Christmas decorations and thus expand our affordable and extensive range.

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