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Premium Pyramidenteelichter in weiß
      Teelichthalter Silkylight Maxi | orange
      Adventskalender als Kerze im 4er Set 2 Farben
      Pillar candles | 2 colors
      Pyramidenkerzen klein als 50er Pack weiß
      Teelichthalter Mini-Silkylights im 3er Set orange
      Doll candles, white, pack of 20 | 2 colors


      Candles for Christmas

      Candles are among the most popular home accessories ever. They guarantee a feel-good atmosphere and atmospheric moments in all rooms in no time. You play the absolute main role during Advent and Christmas. When there is a lack of warmth and light outside, wax candles with their small flames make hearts and eyes shine. At Christmas, candles simply belong on the table: whether on the pyramid , the table candlestick or on the Advent wreath . A highlight are large pillar candles with different decors - from cable patterns to figurative representations to elegantly shiny and opulently decorated examples. They stand alone and develop their effect without a candle holder. Polished candles that look as if they were made of ceramic are also a big trend.

      Pyramid candles - give your Christmas pyramid a boost

      Most candles serve purely decorative purposes. With pyramid candles, on the other hand, ideal heat development is important. This ensures that your pyramid always rotates evenly and that there are no unsightly dark spots because the Christmas pyramid has stopped. TIP: Always pay attention to the manufacturer's instructions regarding the number of degrees of the pyramid wings!

      Tealight holder

      Christmas could also be described as the festival of tea lights. There is a tea light holder in almost every room. These can be modern variants made of silicone, tealight candlesticks that were made with high craftsmanship or even simple ones made of ceramic.


      You can of course find tea lights with a long burning time and inexpensive tea lights in our shop.

      Candle as a figure

      How about some very unusual shapes as eye-catchers? In our online shop with a large range of candles you will find products that look lifelike, from squirrels to rocking horses. Since the material wax is infinitely malleable, there are no limits to your imagination . There are candles that look deceptively real, like carved wooden figures. All possible material mixes are also possible. Wax candles can be silver plated, glittered and painted. Have you already discovered our candle Advent calendar ? Tea lights also have to be anything but monotonous. Little Santa Clauses, cheeky owls or little churches can sit in the aluminum shell. Just browse our range of unusual tea lights at your leisure!

      LED candles

      Our LED candles, which look like real wax candles, are absolutely fire-safe and no less beautiful and playful.

      Wax candles at an affordable price

      Don't miss any trends! Check out our candle shop regularly. With us you will find the most beautiful and funniest candles for the Christmas season - guaranteed at a reasonable price . We guarantee you short delivery times and the best quality.

      Our large range of accessories for wax candles includes pyramid candles in white and red, in different lengths and quantities. You can also find classic premium pyramid tea lights from different manufacturers. Make sure you get supplies in time so that Christmas can come!

      Pay attention to safety

      Households where children or animals live should ensure that small two-legged and four-legged friends do not come into contact with the candles. Wax candles should only be used under supervision, on a straight, fireproof surface and away from curtains or upholstered furniture. Candles can also drip, especially in drafts. Please make sure that nothing is damaged by dripping wax.

      Candles in glass are safer. Nothing can drip here. We would like to draw your attention particularly to our gift sets . Our range of wax candles in glass consists mostly of scented candles . Scented candles are a nice alternative or addition to the incense figure, which is operated with incense candles.

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