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Räucherbaum Waldemar
Mini Räuchermann 8 cm | 6 Motive | Förster
      Räuchermännchen Weihnachtsmann | 3 Motive
          Mini Räuchermänner Weihnachtsmann
              Räuchermännchen Zwerge | 3 Motive

                  Smoker from the Ore Mountains

                  Smoker from the Ore Mountains

                  Incense figures - the vernacular usually simply refers to smokers or smokers - are indispensable in the Erzgebirge Christmas tradition. Spread the scents that are so typical of Advent, such as frankincense, myrrh, sandalwood, cinnamon or fir . They are rightly considered to be an invention of the toymakers from the Ore Mountains. They are now known and sought after around the globe. Like the nutcracker and candle arch, the origin can be found in mining. Carving toys and decorative elements not only passed the time, but also supplemented the meager miners' wages in the region. Today, wood art from the Erzgebirge is an important industry in Saxony.

                  How does a smoker work?

                  Incense figures have been known and used for almost 200 years. Until then, incense was usually burned openly. The figures are usually divided into two parts , with the incense candle being lit and placed in the lower base area. The upper, hollow part of the figure is then attached and hides the glowing candle inside. The smoke rises up the figure and emerges either from a mouth or pipe opening, or from a stylized chimney. There are now also manufacturers who hang the incense candle upside down in the incense figure.

                  The spectrum of motifs is huge. Classically, smoking figures represent traditional professions . But smoking ovens or smokehouses are also widespread. Colors and shapes also know no limits. Domestic hardwoods such as beech, birch, spruce, alder, maple or linden are usually used as the material. The body of the incense figures is turned or carved from this. Individual parts such as arms, legs and accessories are manufactured and glued separately. Faces and playful details are painted by hand.

                  Smokers as collector's items

                  There are different types of motifs for smokers and smokehouses.

                  Smoker from the Ore Mountains

                  These collector's items are particularly sought after because the label "Made in Germany" has the highest reputation in wood art and especially among collectors.

                  We can say with certainty that no household has just one smoker. Because smokers and smoking figures from the Ore Mountains are collector's items and once you fall for their charm, you become a repeat offender and buy a small collection of different figures . Many manufacturers have responded to this and come up with entire series that are thematically similar . When beautifully arranged during Advent, in addition to making the room pleasant, they also have a high decorative value.

                  Incense figures can be arranged in a variety of ways. While standing figures look good as accompaniment to pyramids and arches of lights on window sills, chests of drawers and in showcases, so-called " edge stools " also find a "marginal position" on the edges of tables and furniture. Small scenarios can also be created using several incense figures that fit together thematically. For figures in the shape of mushrooms, tiled stoves, motorcycles. Locomotives, trees , etc. create completely new contexts that also work beyond Advent . Quite a few lovers of this craft now use “Raachermanneln” as a year-round decoration.

                  Smoker hunter

                  The hunting motif has always been very popular and the closeness to nature of the people in the Ore Mountains makes this motif a highly sought-after collector's item.

                  Smoker miner

                  In the Erzgebirge there is the tradition of miners and angels. A miner is placed in the window for each son and an angel for each daughter. However, this tradition has also changed over time. In many places, every year a miner is given away that is a little bit bigger than the last one. Of course, a Bergmann with a smoking function also fits in well.

                  The smokehouse - the alternative to the smoker

                  There are not only smokers, there are smokehouses for those who either already have too many smokers or who simply don't like them. These have the same function, but offer a completely different motif and often allow for many more small details.

                  Smokehouses from the Ore Mountains

                  The smokehouses from the region have always been painstakingly carved by hand. Nowadays, modern technology is also used, but there are certain parts and products that still require full craftsmanship and manual work. Many collectors also appreciate this.

                  Smokehouse - for crafting

                  “Do it yourself” is not just a term that is becoming more and more common in German-speaking countries. Above all, it is an American symbol of self-realization. What better way to do this than by building a small smokehouse? There's a lot of fun there, especially for children, when it comes to assembling and gluing the prefabricated parts. Seeing the self-built house being smoked makes all the children's eyes widen and you can be a little bit proud of yourself.

                  More craft ideas

                  In our shop you can not only find smokehouses and smokers to make yourself. We also have Christmas pyramids as a craft set in our range.

                  Buy incense figures, smoke houses and smokers online cheaply in the sale

                  All incense figures that you find in our shop were lovingly made by hand in one of our craft workshops . In our shop you will find classics such as the “Snowman” smoker in different sizes and shapes. From the shepherd to the chimney sweep to the miner and night watchman, we have the friendly little smokers with detailed, original painting or completely natural. You can also find curiosities and special collector's items such as the "Biker with Motorcycle" here.

                  Incense cones as accessories

                  The production of incense cones is also closely linked to the development of incense figures. They were already produced in the Erzgebirge at the end of the 18th century - in the tradition of burning incense in the Catholic liturgy. Today they are widespread in the form of small cones. The best-known brands are “Original Crottendorfer Räucherkerzen”, incense candles from “KNOX” and “Neudorfer Räucherkerzen”. In addition to the traditional Christmas scents, manufacturers also offer floral scents .

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