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Nostalgic candle arches from the Erzgebirge

Nostalgia - a homage to another time

The era of the GDR is long gone, but it still concerns us today. These were hard times for many, but others remember them well. We don't like to pass judgment, but we still want to offer beautiful memorabilia.

The nostalgic series from Saico

What is the idea behind the series?

Anyone who grew up during the time of divided Germany or shortly after the fall of the Wall still has a very strong connection to this time. Keywords like “Trabant”, “Schwalbe” and “Wartburg” are still known everywhere today.

The motifs are based on the technical developments of that time. We are always open to new ideas. But please don't be angry with us if we can't implement every idea right away. After all, we want to design something very special and also produce it with the highest quality standards. It should also be mentioned here that the nostalgic series is “Made in Germany”.


We try to develop one or two new motifs every year. We are happy to accept new ideas at any time.

Candle arch “Agriculture”

The “Agrarian” candle arch was the first motif in the nostalgic series. On this you can see the GDR truck W50 , a shovel excavator T174-2 and a lightweight agricultural aircraft .

The W50

The W50 was introduced as a vehicle around 1965 and was produced until 1990. This found a wide range of uses and was often an indispensable part of the agricultural economy.

Agricultural aircraft

There are many different variants of agricultural aircraft , including the PZL 106 Kruk developed in Poland

The first agricultural aircraft used in the GDR was an L-60 Brigadyr in March 1957.

Use of the machines:

While the initial focus was on fertilization and pest control, this area of ​​work was tested in forest fire fighting in the 1970s and was also carried out in the late 1970s.

The mobile shovel excavator T174-2

The series was produced in Weimar from 1965 to 1992 and could be found in agricultural businesses in many places.

Candle arch “Moped”

The “Moped” candle arch is the second design and motif that emerges from our series.

The hearts of motorcyclists and moped lovers beat faster with the legendary Simson and Schwalbe.


Production of the legendary motorcycle series began in 1955 with the Simson SR1. The end of the series came in 1991, as political changes brought exports and thus production to a standstill.


The swallow is also a Samson. It was known, among other things, as the KR51. Why is it still so well known today? More than 1 million units were produced in the GDR, a truly extraordinary number considering the conditions at the time.

The design has also proven to be unique and striking to this day.

Candle arch “Trabant”

The “Trabant” candle arch is the third candle arch in the nostalgic series. The Trabant and Wartburg can be found on it as automobile innovations from bygone times. The hot air balloon with the inscription “Go West” also has its own meaning.


It is obvious that there was a shortage of resources in the GDR, so the body is also special. The difficulties in obtaining sheet metal and materials led to the Trabant being given a steel frame with plastic paneling. Short cotton fibers and phenolic resin were also used for this.

The popular nickname “The Trabi, the cardboard” must have erroneously arisen from this “improvised situation”.

Today it is remembered primarily as a simple vehicle that could easily be repaired yourself.

It was launched in 1958 and was mass produced until 1991. The two-stroke engine also corresponded to the most modern technology of the time.

It was also the most used vehicle in the GDR in the mid-1970s.


In 1956 the Wartburg 311 was introduced.

Not only was it beautifully designed for its time and had an elegant and striking body, it was also seen as an important symbol of foreign currency acquisition for the GDR.

However, despite many further developments of the Wartburg in newer models, the body shape has hardly changed, so that it became unsaleable at the beginning of the fall of communism in 1991 and production came to an end.

Hot air balloon "Go West"

To this day you can see them in the sky, hot air balloons. As peaceful as they seem, they were even more important during the GDR era. A major theme of the time, which is still being addressed today, was freedom.

Balloon escape

Hot air balloons were also used to cross the hard border of the GDR and escape to the West and lead a different life there. This was not without danger. Two families managed to escape, but Winfried Freudenberg, for example, had an accident with his balloon while escaping from East to West Berlin.

The lettering "Go West" is intended to show the desire and will of the people to strive for freedom, which drew them to the west of Germany.

Candle arch “Fire department”

The fourth motif is the “Fire Department” candle arch in our nostalgic series.

During the GDR era, the W50 was also converted into a fire engine and thus enriched everyday life. But not only at that time, but also today, the work of firefighters is a very dangerous matter that deserves respect and thanks. For this reason, we have decided to dedicate a nostalgic motif to this calling and work. On the motif itself, two comrades can be seen extinguishing a house that is on fire. Instead of poinsettias, the symbolism of the firefighters can be seen, fire helmets and axes. The panels, which otherwise show calm motifs such as trees or stars, here represent the blazing flames that threaten not only the belongings, but also the helpers.

More motifs

We hope to be able to present you new motifs here soon.

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