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Lichterbogen Dresdner Altstadt
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LED Schwedenleuchter Dreieck natur
LED Sockel für Lichterbögen | 2 Motive
      Lichterbogenerhöhung Fensterbank 2 Größen
      40 cm60 cm75 cm
        40 cm60 cm75 cm
          7-flammiger LED Lichterbogen | 2 Motive
              LED Lichterbogen Weihnachtsromantik
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              Arches of lights

              Arches of lights

              As part of the beautiful traditional Christmas carving art, candle arches are of course an integral part of Advent. The longing for warmth and light in winter, when it is bitterly cold and dark outside, causes us to let candle arches shine in the windows. In addition to the incense men and pyramids known all over the world, candle arches are one of the most beautiful traditions at this time of year .
              Many years ago, out of great need in the Erzgebirge, handmade candle arches and candle arches began their international triumph. As Christmas decorations, they have long been embellishing the Advent season and Christmas around the globe with their splendor. Customers value solid craftsmanship and traditional manufacturing processes. The price should not put too much strain on the household budget and should therefore be affordable . Even though there are light arches made of many materials, wood is still the most popular material.

              Since when have there been arches of lights from the Erzgebirge?

              The legends are not entirely clear, because the history goes back a long way . The origin is definitely anchored in the Christian world, where candle arch production can be found in ore and silver mining as early as the 12th century. Since the miners ' wages were meager and life was full of deprivation, miners made carved figures and candle arches for household use with great skill. The motifs were mostly typical everyday situations. The candle arch or candle arch symbolizes the brick entrance to the tunnel, also known as the mouth hole. The candle arch is also seen as a symbol of the arch of heaven . This is evidenced by the fact that the first representations under the arch were Christian in nature.

              Regardless of the origin, word about the quality and decorative benefits spread very quickly. Candle arches or candle arches soon became a sought-after decorative element. The spectrum of motifs expanded and opened up to the worldly. The focus was on the everyday life of the miners and their families . A very well-known motif is the three main sources of income for the Erzgebirge rural population in the 18th and 19th centuries (miners, carvers, lace makers). Many people also know the church in the Erzgebirge village of Seiffen. There are now no limits when it comes to choosing a motif for anything you like.

              Buy handmade arc lights cheaply in the online shop

              We would be pleased if you took your time to look around our online shop for inexpensive candle arches! Here you will find candle arches from our international manufacturers in many colors, shapes and sizes. From classic to modern-puristic motifs, in color and traditionally monochrome. Electrically illuminated , with a mains connection or with battery operation – all models and variants are extremely easy to use and ready for use in seconds. Also check out the new variants with tea lights ! An absolute must-have are 3D candle arches , which accommodate extensive scenic displays thanks to their spatial arrangement. We offer you 3D light arches at a very reasonable price!

              Our range is so diverse that you can set up your arch of lights wherever you like - whether on the windowsill, the sideboard, the wall unit or in the winter garden.

              Accessories for the arch lights from all over the world

              Are you still looking for the right accessories ? With us you will find all common candles and fairy lights for arches. Figures – ranging from deer, to figures for the Christmas flu, to curers are part of the range. You can also find a replacement for your broken string of lights . What do you think of the idea of ​​embellishing your candle arch with clip-on decorations or placing it on a candle arch riser?

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