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NARVA Lichterketten | 3 Materialien und 2 Größen
      Lichterkette aus Kunststoff mit 3 Adventsternen rot
      Lichterkette mit 10 Adventsternen | 3 Farben | gelb

      Fairy lights

      Narva fairy lights

      In the Saico online shop we focus on quality. We not only pay attention to the quality of the craftsmanship from the Erzgebirge. When it comes to accessories, the material should also be of high quality and longevity guaranteed . That's why we rely on Narva fairy lights for lighting - which are manufactured, packaged and distributed in Germany.

      Long tradition of Narva fairy lights

      Narva has long been known to many customers in the eastern German states. As the first manufacturer of lighting products in the GDR, Narva's history is closely linked to the Osram light bulb factory in Berlin. After the division of Germany, the company shares located in the east of Berlin became the VEB Berliner Glühlampenwerk "Rosa Luxemburg". From 1963 the name "Narva" became common. Today, the “Central German Trademark Association Narva e. V.” is behind it, as a merger of the five successor companies of the former combine.

      Where are Narva fairy lights used?

      The area of ​​application is often limited to indoor spaces. However, there are also special fairy lights that are suitable for outdoor use.

      Indoor fairy lights

      Most fairy lights are used in the home and on the Christmas tree.

      Fairy lights for your arch of lights

      On the one hand, they are very popular for illuminating arches of lights with different flames. Building plywood light arches is a popular hobby among hobbyists. Of course, lighting is a must for self-made pieces. (Look for DIY pyramid kits in our online shop!)

      The fairy lights for your Christmas tree

      Narva fairy lights with their different numbers of candles are also used to light the Christmas tree. In our online shop you can get fairy lights with 10, 15, 20 or 30 mini shaft candles. The distance between the candles is usually 60cm. The plugs are often separable. The individual candles are attached using a high-quality vertical clamp in satin fir green with a strong steel spring .

      Fairy lights with bulbs

      Although LED is already widely used as a technology for lighting, light bulbs are often used for light chains intended for indoor use. These often produce a much more pleasant light.

      Fairy lights for outside

      Due to the robust construction and the corresponding standardized standards, there are also fairy lights that are suitable for outdoor use. However, you should always make sure that the corresponding string of lights also states that "the string of lights is suitable for outdoor use" or "suitable for outdoor use" or has a corresponding "IP standard". This is the only way to ensure the safety of the product and you.

      Fairy lights on the balcony

      The use of metal candle arches is often particularly interesting. You can also provide it with a string of lights that is suitable for outside and use the arch of lights and the string of lights on the balcony. There are often other options, for example you can attach the fairy lights to a rope or other holder.

      Fairy lights with solar

      Especially outdoors, you can often find fairy lights that can be operated using solar technology. The main advantage of this is that in these cases there is usually no need for operation via a mains plug and the string of lights can therefore be used extremely flexibly. They also use the sun as a source of energy and do something good for the environment. However, it should be noted that the luminosity is limited by the hours of sunshine.

      Fairy lights in the sky

      A trend from the USA is fairy lights that are suspended. So they cover the sky and create a breathtaking effect when you walk under them.

      Fairy lights with stars

      Stars and Christmas are always associated with each other. So it's no surprise that fairy lights are not only available in "normal lamp shape", but also in star shapes. These are usually not only used at Christmas time, but are designed for year-round use.

      Elegant fairy lights with wooden shafts

      Fairy lights with wooden frames made from different local woods are particularly elegant and currently on trend. This means that each individual taper candle is housed in a shaft made of fine real wood and made of plastic. The wooden parts for this exclusive product, which has only been on the market since 2018, are manufactured in the Ore Mountains. Of course you will also find the classic Narva fairy lights with plastic tapered candles .

      Fairy lights made in Germany

      Narva fairy lights stand for the highest quality. A lot of craftsmanship goes into the fairy lights. They are perfect for original wooden art from the Ore Mountains. The cables and injection-molded plastic parts of the fairy lights are also made in Germany. Final assembly and packaging also take place here.

      The packaging of NARVA fairy lights largely uses no plastic. Packed in a cardboard cube box, the fairy lights are stable and can be neatly stowed away after use on the Christmas tree or candle arch. It is sent in a padded outer packaging.

      Replacement lamps for fairy lights

      If your fairy lights are defective, you can get a replacement from us! We also have complete lighting for window lights or Advent stars with plugs, switches and lamp holders in our range. Attention: Narva fairy lights and accessories are only suitable for indoor use .

      Star chains, Advent stars as fairy lights and star garlands

      A highlight and particularly popular are fairy lights made of Advent stars and star chains or star garlands , which are completely illuminated. We also have these in our program. The plastic stars based on the classic model are already pre-assembled. Whether on the Christmas tree, on the balcony railing, on the window or door frame - fairy lights give your home a special Christmas ambience. Individual stars of different sizes can also be placed effectively in the set.

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