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Music boxes and music boxes

Music boxes and music boxes

What belongs to traditional Christmas decorations? Everyone will probably answer this question a little differently. Given that there is so much on offer today, it is difficult to make a choice. The price is less of an argument today. Because thanks to the work of our international manufacturing companies, everyone can now afford the hand-made item they want for Christmas. There are products that are affordable for every budget .

Buy cheap music boxes and music boxes for Christmas

A dream and at the same time one of the most beautiful childhood memories for many of us is a traditional music box or, depending on the shape, a music box. At Christmas time , delicate melodies from fine musical instruments could be heard in the rooms of many places. Entire generations have been enchanted by it. Among these products there are now rarities that fetch very high prices and have become almost unaffordable. Music boxes and music boxes are experiencing a renaissance again - precisely because they are available in all price ranges - regardless of whether they are elegant jewelry boxes or music boxes for children. Have you already seen a music box in the shape of a pyramid with real impellers?

These are always small miniature worlds and often they are true masterpieces of craftsmanship. There have been small manufacturers producing music boxes since the 18th century. In addition to the birth of Christ, popular motifs include scenes from the winter world and fairy tale world that take place on the turntable. Small chapels of turned angels and urban ensembles are sure to suit the taste of every lover of Christmas craftsmanship. Some models, such as the "Children's Carousel" or "Seesaw" music boxes, are so robust that they are also suitable for children's hands. Children in particular are delighted when they can put the little music box or music box into operation themselves. Your children won't want to be without the music box this Christmas.

Wooden music boxes as small treasures – electronic and hand-wound

The musical mechanism is usually located in the base made of solid wood. Most models are electronic, battery-operated and play a wide variety of delicate melodies. Individual models function classically mechanically with hand winding . Our “Christmas Town” music box even has interior lighting as an additional sophistication. The colors are generally kept very natural.

Music boxes as a gift idea

Take a look at our online shop for music boxes and music boxes made of hand-crafted wood! Here you will find high-quality but at the same time affordable products. The spectrum ranges from collector's items to suitable gift ideas. You will definitely find what you are looking for. We are also constantly expanding our product range. So it's worth coming back and checking out special offers . Thanks to our short delivery times, you can get everything to your home in time for Christmas - with free shipping for orders over 50 euros.

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