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Premium Weihnachtspyramide zweifarbig 3 Motive
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          Weihnachtspyramide Seiffener Kirche zum Hängen
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              Christmas pyramids from the Erzgebirge

              The Christmas pyramid

              In which household can you not find them: Christmas pyramids. They belong to the Advent and Christmas season, like the candle arch and the smoker. Illuminated with candles, which simultaneously set the rotating mechanism in motion, they provide light, warmth, romance and contemplation in the dark season .

              Origin and functional principle of the Christmas pyramid from the Ore Mountains

              Christmas pyramids originate from wooden art from the Ore Mountains and the associated Christmas tradition. The shape of the Christmas pyramids is reminiscent of the Christmas tree . The first variants were “carousel-like” bogies hung with branches. The rotating mechanism in turn comes from the idea of ​​the Göpelwerke used in mining. These were simple machines that transferred human or animal muscle power to an axle and served as conveyor systems. In the mining industry, horses were mostly used for so-called horse plows.

              Wooden Christmas pyramid - how it works

              The functional principle of pyramids is simple : the rising heat of the pyramid candles drives the impeller and sets the different levels of the Christmas pyramid in motion. The elements are connected with a rod in the middle, which rotates on a metal tip in a plate made of metal, glass or ceramic. Once the candles have gone out, the Christmas pyramid stands. Traditionally, handmade Christmas pyramids from the Ore Mountains are still operated with real candles. Where safety is a top priority, electrically powered Christmas pyramids have also found their way into the world.

              Handmade Christmas pyramids and accessories from the Seiffen region

              Christmas pyramids from the Ore Mountains now differ immensely in shape, size, design and color . The spectrum ranges from simple table pyramids with one level and simple flat figures to man-high , multi-story examples with hand-carved, mobile figure ensembles and other miniatures. Christian and secular motifs have always stood side by side when decorating Christmas pyramids. Since they originate from the craftsmanship of the poor miners, scenes from the lives of the miners and their families are of course depicted right from the start.

              Christmas pyramids from the Erzgebirge - production

              Pyramids are usually made of wood. They are mainly decorated standing on a table, a board or on the windowsill. For models that are used with real wax candles, always ensure there is enough distance from flammable materials . It should only be used under supervision. A highlight are hanging Christmas pyramids , also called ceiling pyramids. Wall pyramids have also become collector's items. Speaking of collectibles : Anyone who owns a Christmas pyramid can hardly resist its charm and will soon want to have another one. When placed in an ensemble, perhaps in combination with incense figures and a Christmas bouquet, they really come into their own. In our shop you are spoiled for choice.

              Modern Christmas pyramid

              Traditionally, pyramids are powered by tea lights and feature time-honored shapes and colors. However, this tradition is gradually adapting to modern times. You can also find modern Christmas pyramids as a variant here in the shop. But whether modern or traditional, you can always rely on high quality.

              Christmas pyramids - electrically lit

              Electric lighting has the great advantage that you can avoid burning the wings with an open flame like a tea light. This means your product stays in its ideal condition for much longer. In addition, candles and tea lights should never be used unattended; this is not an issue with electric lighting. You can also switch a timer in between and easily use the convenience of this.

              Christmas pyramid with LED or incandescent lamps

              Spirits have always fought here. Basically, you can't go wrong with either option. The biggest advantage of LEDs, however, remains the lower power consumption. The warmth and coziness of the light can hardly be distinguished.

              Buy an original Christmas pyramid from the Ore Mountains

              In the Saico shop you will find high-quality original pyramids from the Erzgebirge , to suit every taste. Be it a simple table pyramid with a traditional motif, for example forest animals or other winter scenes, to a two meter high five-tiered pyramid with turned miner families. Variants with fretwork are also particularly impressive and delicate.

              If you are looking for extensive accessories for your pyramid, you will also find what you are looking for in the Saico online shop. We carry entire sets of figures, pyramid candles in different colors, sizes and quantities, glass holders for tea lights and wax sticky sheets to make it easier to attach the candles to the candle holder. We also have self-assembly kits for DIY Christmas pyramids in our program. Chip trees as a popular decorative material for pyramids are available in all imaginable sizes - from 8-30 centimeters. Other sizes are available upon request.

              Take a little time and browse through our selected range of Christmas pyramids from the Ore Mountains . The quality of our products speaks for itself. Our craftsman partner companies are subject to strict testing criteria, only use selected wood and produce each specimen with great attention to detail.

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