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Teelichthalter Laterne | 6 Motive
      Teelichthalter Stern mit Schweif | 2 Farben
      Lichterhaus Seiffener Kirche
      Sold out
      Spieluhr Seiffener Kirche
      Sold out

      Tealight holders & music boxes from the Erzgebirge

      Christmas decorations and table decorations

      Traditional Christmas decorations and decorative items, made in the Ore Mountains, are simply part of the Advent and Christmas season. From Christmas pyramids and incense smokers, candle arches and window lights to festive Christmas tree decorations made of wood and glass - the range is diverse. It's difficult to choose. It is well known that wooden art from the Erzgebirge is of high quality and has its price. Nevertheless, today everyone can afford some high-quality Christmas decorations from the Erzgebirge, because there are products that are affordable for every budget .

      Tea light holder from the Erzgebirge

      Small, fine tea light holders are just right for everyone who either wants to spend less money on Christmas decorations from the Ore Mountains, or who doesn't have a lot of space but still doesn't want to miss out on the wonderful and magical atmosphere that the small works of art exude. In our online shop we stock high-quality tealight holders made of sawn spearwood with different regional motifs, such as the Frauenkirche in Dresden, the Brandenburg Gate or Cologne Cathedral. Of course, the tea light lanterns are also available with Christian and typical Christmas motifs. We also have small mini arc lights in our range that are not operated electrically but with a few tea lights.

      We can certainly delight your heart with our small tealight candlesticks for a tealight and a funny figure from the animal kingdom. Children's eyes especially light up. Our new series with colorful clowns, which are also suitable as decoration all year round , has also been lovingly made by the craft businesses around Seiffen. The tea light holders with winter children's figures, Santa Claus and snowmen are very classic.

      A special highlight are our tealight candlesticks from the Erzgebirge in a 3D look with forest motifs made of spearwood.

      Music boxes from the Erzgebirge

      For many of us, a music box is one of the best childhood memories . Especially at Christmas time, the delicate melodies of the musical instruments could be heard in the Christmas rooms. They have enchanted entire generations. Music boxes are now experiencing a renaissance again - also because they are available in all price ranges . The design of music boxes is diverse. The spectrum ranges from fine jewelry boxes to music boxes for babies.

      Music boxes or music boxes from the Erzgebirge are traditionally small miniature worlds and true masterpieces of craftsmanship. They have been lovingly handcrafted in small factories since the 18th century. In addition to the birth of Christ, particularly popular motifs on the turntable include scenes from the winter and fairy tale world and the Seiffen Church. In our online shop you can purchase music boxes made of environmentally friendly, solid, hand-polished wood at low prices. The material, like the fine mechanics inside the music box, is high quality and robust.

      Music boxes from the Erzgebirge as real collector's items

      Are you looking for a collector's item or a suitable gift idea? Then browse extensively through our range of music boxes and tealight candlesticks! You will definitely find what you are looking for. Especially since we are constantly expanding our product range

      All products are ' Made in Germany ', usually already assembled and ready for immediate use.

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