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SAICO Adventsstern 60 cm | 3 Farben | rot
Adventsstern Ø 60 cm für Außen 4 Farben | gelb
Adventsstern Ø 12cm für Batteriebetrieb 3 Farben
Adventsstern Ø 35cm 4 Farben | rot
3er Set Marienberger Adventsstern 4 Farben
LED-Adventsstern mit Farbwechsel | 2 Größen
      Adventsstern rot Ø 100cm für Außen 2 Farben
      Adventsstern Ø 60cm mit Bodenspieß 3 Farben

      Advent stars

      Advent stars

      The tradition of Advent stars with their great charisma and luminosity enchants every home and creates a really cozy atmosphere.

      Advent stars for inside

      Advent stars made of paper or plastic are a wonderful, classic Christmas decoration for windows, dormers, bay windows and every room in the house.

      Paper Advent stars are often used, especially indoors. These often have the advantage that they are foldable and therefore take up little space when put away. On the other hand, there are often plastic systems that can be plugged in and dismantled again - here too you save a lot of space.

      Advent star for outside

      We offer you many variants, sizes and colors for outdoor use .

      Starting with a diameter of 35 cm up to a huge 100 cm, you have a large selection. These popular accessories during the Christmas season often come in classic red, but we also offer white and yellow Advent stars.

      Cable lengths are often crucial, especially for outdoor use. So that you don't need any extra extensions, our Advent stars have a cable length of up to 7 meters. The stars for outdoor use have a transformer that is certified to the IP44 standard and often use long-lasting LED lighting.

      Buy Advent stars with LED made of paper or plastic cheaply

      The Advent stars made of paper and plastic that you can find in our online shop are traditionally and lovingly made, but are still easy on the wallet. All Advent stars are delivered in individual pieces or folded . You can easily assemble it yourself thanks to the detailed assembly instructions provided. The Advent stars do not have to be dismantled every time. If you have the opportunity to hang up your Advent stars dry in the attic or a storage room, you can store them fully assembled throughout the year. During Advent it is quickly taken out and repositioned. But don't worry: you can easily reassemble your Advent star every season . For many families, this is now part of their pre-Christmas ritual. Despite their moderate price, our high-quality Advent stars are so stable that they can withstand repeated assembly without damage.

      Accessories and spare parts for Advent stars


      So that the Advent star can be well lit and hung safely, whether indoors or outdoors, we offer you a large selection of suitable accessories and spare parts . Please take a close look at the information on each product beforehand! The LED electrics and a timer are usually included. Please refer to the product description to find out whether the bulb is included in the scope of delivery, can be replaced or is not replaceable. For Advent stars without electrics - for example our paper stars made from decorative paper - please order the accessories, cable and socket separately! If something does break, it won't be a problem. Our customer service will be happy to help you at any time.

      Advent stars as a special decoration

      Flat Advent stars made of paper have become very fashionable. As a decorative lamp, they exude a flair like something out of the Arabian Nights and underline an oriental furnishing style. Skilfully made from various high-quality and very strong papers, they only reveal their full shine when illuminated. This makes them suitable for atmospheric lighting in any living space, even beyond the Christmas season . Attention: These stars are not suitable for outdoor use. The products are delivered in a folding case with printed assembly instructions. The assembly takes place in just a few steps. This means that the decorative star can be stowed away to save space - without rivets or staples.

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