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Fireplace lanterns

Decorative lantern and fireplace effect

Bring light into the darkness! When the days become shorter again and the evenings at home become more comfortable, a flickering fireplace creates just the right feel-good atmosphere . Unfortunately, not all households have a real fireplace. Many people also avoid using a fireplace with a wood fire because of the smoke and for safety reasons. A fixed fireplace also ties in. I can't take it with me and operate it wherever I want to be. This is where our fireplace lanterns come into play. With a robust and highly stylish housing and an LED fire simulation , you can set up your fireplace lantern anywhere you want. And it's completely safe and smoke-free . In addition, fireplace lanterns are a smart alternative to wall fireplaces, which are usually very expensive. They are not only perfect as table decorations, but also as mood lighting for the garden, for parties or birthday parties. Their compact size makes them an attractive eye-catcher even for small apartments and balconies. They also provide extra comfort with homely light accents in the hallway area or winter garden.

Fireplace lanterns for the table

In our online shop we carry fireplace lanterns as table fireplaces in different designs. You can choose your atmospheric indoor fireplace for the garden, balcony, terrace or living room as you wish and to match your home decor. No matter whether metal or plastic , in a classic lantern shape or round. Check out your favorite product!

Deceptively real fire as an animation of the fireplace lantern

In the center of our fireplace lanterns , incredibly real-looking 'glowing wood ' blazes, providing warm, romantic and cozy light. The fireplace lanterns in our online shop are operated electrically with batteries or via USB . Thanks to LED technology, they are efficient and energy-saving. A built-in timer switches the fireplace lantern off after a certain time. So you don't have to worry about anything. By operating via battery or USB power cable, they can be used independently of a socket. For USB operation, a power bank is recommended as a mobile and inconspicuous power source.

Safest fireplace ever

Don't be afraid of fires! Even if you fall asleep - which can be extremely dangerous in a real fire - nothing can happen. The LED-animated fire in the electric fireplace produces no heat and is free of soot and unpleasant odors. They are also completely safe for pets and children and can sometimes be left unsupervised.

The fireplace lanterns usually work silently, without crackling . Some models have simulated smoke production - which makes them even more similar to a real living room fireplace. Thanks to the solid housing, the lanterns are also ideal for windy days.

Fireplace lanterns as a timeless decoration for the living room or balcony

Fireplace lanterns made of metal are particularly high quality. If you prefer a lighter version - perhaps to be able to carry it from A to B more easily using the attached handle - choose a plastic housing with a metal look. The timeless designs always adapt well to any furnishing style. The cases are available in matt or glossy. You can also find models in white or with contrasting color mixtures in our online shop. All cases are manufactured to a high quality and are durable. The windshield, usually made of glass, is also easy to maintain. A moderately damp cloth is usually sufficient.

All-round carefree cosiness with the decorative lantern

Overall, handling is extremely easy. Simply insert batteries or connect USB cable, place on a console or wall, switch on, sit back and enjoy.

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