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Accessories & lamps - Saico

If the candle arch doesn't work during Advent, it's a big shock. No lighting for the Festival of Light? What to do if the lamps don't light? Please don't panic! We at Saico can help. In our large range of accessories and lamps for candle arches, candle arches, Christmas pyramids, window lights, fairy lights and all other Christmas decorations, you will find the right thing for every need. This allows you to preserve the tradition of the classic fairy lights. You will often find an E10 socket on your candle arches or an E14 socket on your Advent stars and lamps - for which we have suitable bulbs available.

Accessories and replacement lamps for fairy lights

Regardless of whether the fairy lights are on the Christmas tree or on the arch of lights, we carry accessories for lamps and light bulbs in large and small quantities: Starting with the small shaft candle with 14 volts and 3 watts, for 16, 10 and 7-bulb light arches and chains, up to shaft candles with 16 volts and 4 watts for 15, 16 or 25-flame arc lights and chains. Both types of shaft candles from our Christmas accessories range have an E10 thread and are offered in a blister pack of two.

LED lamps for the fairy lights and the candle arch

Since small-shaft candles with filaments are slowly going out of fashion or are hardly available anymore, we also offer an alternative. Even if they have a cooler light color and different brightness, LEDs are becoming increasingly popular due to their energy efficiency and longevity. For arc lights with LED lamps, we offer replacement light bulbs for 5, 7, 10 and 15-bulb fairy lights. There are 3 pieces of each in the packaging.

Are you looking for a replacement for your LED lamp in the window picture, the fairy lights or the Advent star ? Here too we can help out with an appropriate replacement lamp with E10 and E14 sockets. These are all original accessories .

Clip-on decoration for the candle arch

Clip-on jewelry for the candle arch is trendy. The clip-on jewelry is made in the Erzgebirge, from millimeter-thin birch plywood . Clip-on decorations look particularly elegant as accessories for light arches and candle arches in the form of small lanterns. All types are suitable for classic but also for electric LED or ripple candles. Thanks to the clip-on decoration, the candle arch shines indirectly, i.e. the white one can shine more on one side and less on the other, thereby creating a completely new atmosphere. You can play with individual elements and easily upgrade old collectibles. In natural colors, the badges match any design. The clip-on jewelry is simply clipped on from above, as the name suggests. The only condition: The candles should stand freely upwards. We offer these accessories in sets of different sizes. Just take a look around our shop with its extensive range of accessories! You probably never want to see your candle arch again without some decorations in the shape of a star or lantern...

All Saico products are of course " Made in Germany" and correspond to the wood art from the Erzgebirge, which are manufactured as craftsmanship according to strict quality criteria. Since these are natural materials , small differences in color and grain are normal and not a defect.

Our tip: Check your fairy lights and bulbs in good time to be well prepared for the Christmas season! Even though we offer short delivery times , we don't want you to be left in the dark during Advent.

Attention: We are constantly expanding our range of accessories and lamps for your Christmas decorations! Do you have a special request? No problem! Simply write us a short email and we will be happy to take care of your request.

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