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3D Schwibbogen Kinder im Winterdorf
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Mini Schwibbogen | 6 Motive
      Schwibbogen Weihnachtsbaum am Markt
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      Schwibbogenerhöhung | 2 Größen | 2 Farben

      Candle arches from the Erzgebirge

      Candle arch

      The candle arch gets its name because of its arch-shaped design. As things stand today, the first candle arches were made of metal and have gradually developed further with craftsmanship. Today there are candle arches in almost all shapes and colors. There are also hardly any limits to materials. From simple candle arches made of iron, to precisely manufactured candle arches made of aluminum, to the world-famous craftsmanship made of wood.

      The candle arch from the Erzgebirge

      As part of the wooden art from the Ore Mountains , it is of course part of the Advent season. In our longing for light and warmth in the cold season, we let candle arches shine in the windows at Christmas. Along with the incense smokers and illuminated angel and miner figures known all over the world, they are one of the most beautiful traditions in the Saxon Ore Mountains . Born out of great need, handmade candle arches have.

      From the Erzgebirge they have started their triumphant journey all over the world and their splendor brightens up the Advent season and Christmas around the globe. Customers usually attach great importance to solid craftsmanship and traditional manufacturing processes . Even though there are candle arches made of all kinds of materials, wood is and remains the most popular material.

      The origin of the candle arch and the change to the modern candle arch

      The origins of candle arch production can be found in ore and silver mining as early as the 12th century. The miners' wages were low and life was hard and full of deprivation. During long winter nights , the miners skillfully craft carved figures in typical everyday situations, initially for home use. The candle arch or candle arch symbolizes the brick entrance, the so-called mouth hole, into the tunnel. Other traditions see the candle arch as a symbol of the arch of heaven. The first representations under Borgen were mostly Christian in nature. Whatever the case, word of the quality and decorative benefits spread quickly. Candle arches soon became a sought-after decorative element, although the motifs were now mostly secular in nature. They tell about the everyday life of the miners and their families .

      Candle arch Seiffen - The motif

      In addition to the most well-known motif with the three main sources of income for the Erzgebirge rural population in the 18th and 19th centuries (miners, carvers, lace makers), the church in the Erzgebirge village of Seiffen is a very common image.

      Candle arch for outside

      For candle arches, wood is often unsuitable for outdoor use or is simply not weather-resistant enough. That's why we rely on high-quality metals. Aluminum proves to be weather-resistant, robust and even looks good in summer. This versatility ensures maximum quality and combines tradition with modern materials.

      Candle arch for Christmas - motifs

      In addition to the “Seiffen” motif, hunting and nature motifs are also very popular. But also Christmas markets, cities and often motifs that show children playing or doing sports in winter

      Buy handmade candle arches in the Saico shop or in our factory outlet

      Take your time to look around our shop ! Here you will find candle arches in many colors, shapes and sizes, with classic and modern motifs, in color and traditionally monochrome. Our candle arches are illuminated electrically, with a mains connection or with battery operation. Be inspired by the variants with tea lights! 3D candle arches are in vogue and accommodate extensive scenic displays thanks to their spatial arrangement.

      The variety of our range allows you to set up your candle arch wherever you like - whether outside, on the windowsill, the sideboard, the wall unit or in the winter garden.

      Accessories and replacement lamps for candle arches

      In terms of accessories, we stock all common candles and fairy lights for candle arches. You can also find figures for candle arches here - from deer, to nativity figures, to curators. Is your fairy lights broken? With us you will find replacements: shaft candles in different sizes, replacement light bulbs for different flame candle arches and LED lamps. Clip-on decorations for candle arches are in vogue. Experience how your candle arches look with small attached lanterns or stars! The raised candle arches are also becoming more and more artful. As a base for the candle arch, they highlight it even better, especially at the window, and create the atmosphere with their own electric lighting. We also have simple candle arch extensions for the window sill in our range. In addition to the much more common shape of the round candle arch, there are also candle arches in the shape of triangles. Just take a look at our shop to buy your matching candle arch.

      Candle arch LED - and our secret tip for the candle arch with light bulb

      Light bulbs have always been used for candle arches. These also fulfill their function. However, these have significant disadvantages compared to modern LED lighting. On the one hand, lighting technology is now so good that LEDs produce just as beautiful and warm light as conventional lamps. On the other hand, LED is significantly more energy-saving and therefore also contemporary. Candle arches with LED lighting can also shine with their high durability.

      You will also find a “conversion kit” from normal lamps to LED in our shop. If you have any questions in this regard, please feel free to contact us.

      Our insider tip for the “normal” lights:

      One of the disadvantages of incandescent lamps is the noticeable heat they generate. This causes the wire in the lamp to stretch. This is not a problem at all in normal operation. However, when packing the candle arch, you should remember to let it cool down first.

      Why? If the wire is still hot and flexible, changing the position of the candle arch can cause the wire to overstretch or break due to tension. Simply give your candle arch enough time to cool down. Then you can enjoy working lights next year too.

      If the lights still go out, we offer you the right replacement bulbs in the shop and will be happy to answer any further questions you may have.

      High-quality candle arches from the Erzgebirge

      Saico candle arches have the highest lasting value and meet strict quality criteria . This is ensured by specialized craft businesses from the Erzgebirge, who create unique, individual collector's items in the "Erzgebirge tradition". On the one hand, the wood artists use traditional templates. But very modern motifs and stories have also found their way into the world of the candle arch. Let yourself be surprised!

      We wish you an atmospheric Christmas time!

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