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Mini-Nussknacker | 3 Farben
Nussknacker 38,5 cm lasiert | 3 Farben
      Nussknacker Soldaten 25 cm lasiert | 3 Motive
          Nussknacker Soldaten 30 cm | 3 Motive
              Nussknacker 25 cm lasiert | 3 Farben
              Nussknacker Soldaten 38,5 cm lasiert | 3 Motive
                  Nussknacker Soldaten 38 cm | 3 Motive


                      Nutcracker - The very practical tradition

                      Nutcrackers are inextricably linked to the Advent and Christmas seasons. In fact, in many nations - for young and old alike - the nutcracker is the ultimate Christmas figure and a symbol of the Advent season . The very practical purpose of the traditionally grim-looking figures - namely cracking nuts - has been somewhat neglected today. Above all, they should be decorative. Cracking nuts is now left to modern forms of industry.

                      Origin of the Nutcracker figure

                      The carvers and toymakers from the Ore Mountains invented decorated tools for opening, especially walnuts. Nuts were mainly cracked and eaten in autumn and winter and were served as a Christmas delicacy. However, a wide variety of devices with a lever function for cracking nuts have been around since ancient times. Very artistic nutcrackers , which are very similar to our current examples from the Erzgebirge, were already carved in southern Europe in the 18th century. With the end of mining in the Erzgebirge at the beginning of the 19th century, they also flourished in the Erzgebirge. In search of new sources of income, the former miners made toys, incense figures, candle arches, candle arches, pyramids and even nutcrackers through artistic housework and gave the figures their own personal stamp. The first nutcracker from the Erzgebirge dates back to 1870. Nutcrackers even achieved literary fame in "Nutcracker and Mouse King", the Christmas fairy tale by ETA Hoffmann. The ballet “The Nutcracker” by Pyotr Tchaikovsky is also world-famous.

                      Nutcrackers from the Ore Mountains and all over the world in shapes and a variety of colors - in our shop

                      Today there is an almost incalculable variety when it comes to colors and shapes. There is hardly a theme that has not yet been adapted for the world of the Nutcracker. The most popular is probably still the colorfully painted uniform wearer - kings, gendarmes, miners, soldiers . Always proud, slim and with a white beard – the trademark of real nutcrackers.

                      Nutcrackers have become a passion for collecting for many. Even if this passion is quite expensive. It doesn't always have to be 'Made in Germany'. Even beyond the borders of the Ore Mountains , international manufacturers have perfected the art of making nutcrackers. Thanks to standardized production, individual products can be offered at lower prices without customers noticing the difference at first glance. Even if the nutcrackers in our shop for international wooden art do not originally come from the Erzgebirge, they still exude a similar charm, represent the romance of the Christmas season and are easy on the wallet.

                      Tested quality - buy high-quality nutcrackers

                      We check the quality of production on site. We visit our partner companies and get an idea of ​​the production and working conditions for ourselves. This way we can ensure that no materials that are harmful to health are used and that workers are paid fairly.

                      In our online shop you will find nutcrackers in different categories individually or in sets. Take your time and look around and find exactly the nutcracker that suits you and perhaps your collection! Are you looking for a suitable Christmas present ? Thanks to our low prices and special offers, you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for. Be inspired by our range of affordable nutcrackers in all sizes! We also carry objects in XL!

                      Not suitable for “cracking nuts”!

                      Of course, the artistic figures are now far too good for just cracking nuts. We therefore recommend that you refrain from taking a test . Today, manufacturers no longer produce nutcrackers with this level of robustness in mind. Simply use your nutcracker as an ornament and decorative item that can last for generations and become an heirloom.

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