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Pyramidenkerzen groß als 18er Pack gelb
Heizungspyramide | 4 Motive
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      Weihnachtspyramide Winter für 4 Teelichter | 2 Motive

          Christmas pyramids

          The Christmas pyramid - a success story

          Christmas pyramids can be found in every family today. Like arc lights and incense figures, they are part of the Advent and Christmas seasons . Illuminated with pyramid candles that activate the popular rotating mechanism, they provide warmth, light and therefore a lot of romance and homeliness in the cold and dark season.

          Tradition and origin - Christmas pyramids from the Ore Mountains

          Christmas pyramids originate from the Saxon Christmas tradition, especially the Erzgebirge Christmas tradition . The shape of Christmas pyramids is supposed to be reminiscent of the Christmas tree and so the first "carousel-like" bogies were also hung with green branches.

          Göpel mills used in mining serve as a model for the rotating mechanism, which is reminiscent of the simple machines that transferred human or animal muscle power to an axle and served as conveyor systems. How Christmas pyramids work? Quite simply: the burning candles or, more recently, tea lights create a rising heat. This moves the wheel with a varying number of wooden wings attached to the top. In the middle there is a rod that rotates and to which the individual levels of the pyramid are attached. At the bottom of the rod there is a metal tip that rotates in a small plate made of metal, glass or ceramic. When the candles have gone out, the pyramid stands . Traditionally, handmade Christmas pyramids are made with real wax candles. Where safety is a top priority, electrically powered pyramids are also used.

          Wooden Christmas pyramid

          Wood has always been used for Christmas pyramids, although stainless steel is often used for the shaft. But there are also shafts made of wood that only contain a small amount of metal, which creates a perfect look but also does not affect the function with the glass bearing. There is also the option of simply covering a wave with wood so that hardly any of the metal is visible.

          Christmas pyramid in modern

          We don't just offer traditional pyramids in our shop. You can also discover modern designs and technology with us. Whether in a modern design as a Christmas house or simply equipped with modern LED technology, there is certainly something for everyone here.

          Handmade and electrically operated Christmas pyramids and accessories

          There are Christmas pyramids for every taste. The spectrum of shapes, sizes, designs and colors is now immense. There are (also in our online shop) simple, small table pyramids with one level and simple flat figures. But retailers also have man-sized, multi-story examples with hand-carved, mobile figure ensembles and other miniatures available. Christian and secular motifs have always existed side by side in the decoration of the pyramids. From the beginning, of course, scenes from the lives of simple, poor miners and their families are shown. (Christmas pyramids originate from the craftsmanship of Saxon miners.)

          Wood is the traditional material from which Christmas pyramids are made. They mainly find their place standing on a table, a board or on the windowsill. Models that are used with real candles should be placed at a sufficient distance from flammable materials. Please only use your Christmas pyramid under supervision!

          Have you ever seen hanging pyramids or ceiling pyramids live? Then you certainly haven't forgotten these beautiful specimens. Wall pyramids can also become collector's items. As a rule, it is like this: Anyone who owns a pyramid can no longer resist its charm and will soon want to buy another one cheaply. When placed in an ensemble, perhaps in combination with your favorite smoker, they come into their own wonderfully. Just take a look at us and let yourself be inspired !

          Buy high-quality LED Christmas pyramid cheaply

          In the Saico shop you will find handmade Christmas pyramids from international manufacturers . Modern pyramids with LED technology are often used for these. No matter whether you are looking for a simple, yet beautiful table pyramid with traditional motifs, such as forest animals or special winter scenes. Or whether it should be a multi-level XXL pyramid with turned figures. The delicate variants with fretwork are also impressive.

          You can also find extensive accessories for Christmas pyramids cheaply in our online shop. Figure sets and pyramid candles in different colors, sizes and quantities help to beautify your Christmas decorations.

          Sit back and just take a little time to browse through our selected range of Christmas pyramids! Here you will find models that meet your price expectations . The quality speaks for itself without you having to dig too deep into your pockets. Our artisan partner companies work according to strict testing criteria and are certified.

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