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Window pictures

Window picture and Christmas

Candle arches and candle arches traditionally illuminate the lower areas of our windows . Window pictures and window lights, on the other hand, exude their charm at lofty heights and illuminate even the last corners of the Christmas-decorated house. A large community of collectors and enthusiasts has emerged for this type of Christmas decoration. As decorative pieces in the room, they are easily recognizable from afar.

Buy window pictures cheaply online

What makes window pictures so special? On the one hand, the special type of design options . It generally makes the smaller sister arches cheaper. They also have the unbeatable advantage of being placed anywhere where there is less space for Christmas decorations. Due to their variety of shapes and size, they make wonderful gifts or souvenirs at the most wonderful time of the year.

Window picture - a nice gift for your children

Window pictures are a great thing, especially for children. When hung in the children's room and equipped with a timer, window pictures can bring a Christmas atmosphere into your children's kingdom. This not only ensures a contemplative Christmas time, but the warm light also helps you fall asleep and, most importantly, it is pleasantly bright when you get up. This makes starting the day much more fun.

Window picture - The motifs

As already mentioned, there are no limits to the color and shape of window pictures. The mostly filigree fretwork is available as a star, as a bell, decorated with the Seiffen Church in the Ore Mountains, or as a simple round ornament with a forest scene. Only your taste decides here. Window lights, contrasted in light and dark wood, are a special highlight that further intensifies the effect of the light.

Window picture winter motif

There are a variety of designs, especially in spring the theme is Easter or the appearance of the first flowers. However, in winter there is no trace of it. This is also reflected in the motifs. Instead of flowers there are often snowmen and instead of Easter the Christmas theme takes hold with angels.

LED window pictures

How do illuminated window pictures differ from simple window pictures? Clear answer: On the one hand, through the multiple levels. For illuminated window pictures, the motif is sawn twice . The lamps disappear almost invisibly between them. Thanks to modern LED technology, there is great scope for flat 3D scenarios with carved figures. The window pictures from our partner companies abroad appear lifelike and three-dimensional thanks to elements that have been worked out down to the smallest detail. This reflects the skills of creative craftsmen who work and produce according to strict standards.

In our shop you will find electrically illuminated window pictures . Energy-saving and safe LED candles are predominantly used - certainly because they do not generate any heat. LED lamps also require little maintenance. If a change is still necessary , the candles can be easily removed. You can of course get accessories from us in our online shop.

Despite low prices, our customers can trust the quality of our products . All window pictures are lovingly handcrafted. Due to the outstanding quality, all products are particularly durable, so that our customers can enjoy them for many years.

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