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Long-standing tradition from the Erzgebirge

What makes Saico so unique?

Saico GmbH Seiffen stands for a tradition that dates back to the 12th century .
At a time when miners went underground early in the dark and came out late in the evening. The families therefore wanted to give the miners some daylight back. This gave rise to the idea of ​​the candle arch , which can be found in almost every window in the region during Advent. The candle arches from the Erzgebirge create a wonderful shimmer of lights that illuminates the entire Erzgebirge and offers a unique sight that cannot be found anywhere else in this form.

Wooden baby & children's toys

Our wooden toys, made in the Ore Mountains, are a popular choice for parents and educators as they provide an environmentally friendly and durable alternative to plastic toys. Wooden children's toys are available in different shapes and sizes and are sturdy and safe for children.

A big advantage of wooden toys is that they are durable and can therefore often be used for years. Additionally, it is often easy to clean and can be easily repaired if it becomes damaged.

Wooden children's toys can also help develop children's creative skills and imagination. There are many different types of wooden toys, from simple stacking toys and puzzles to complex building sets and climbing frames. Children can use their imagination and create their own play worlds while improving their motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Another advantage of wooden toys is that they often have educational benefits. Many wooden toys are designed to help children learn, for example by teaching them the basics of numbers, letters or colors. They can also help develop children's logical thinking and problem-solving skills.

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