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Long-standing tradition from the Erzgebirge

What makes Saico so unique?

Saico GmbH Seiffen stands for a tradition that dates back to the 12th century .
At a time when miners went underground early in the dark and came out late in the evening. The families therefore wanted to give the miners some daylight back. This gave rise to the idea of ​​the candle arch , which can be found in almost every window in the region during Advent. The candle arches from the Erzgebirge create a wonderful shimmer of lights that illuminates the entire Erzgebirge and offers a unique sight that cannot be found anywhere else in this form.

Saico candle arches

The candle arch is the symbol of an entire region, the Ore Mountains. Today it is mainly made in Seiffen and the surrounding area and is available in many different motifs. Whether in the miner motif or with more modern designs. We also have the special Saico nostalgia series , which takes place in the period of the former GDR and takes up topics and motifs such as agriculture and agriculture , Trabant , Simson and Schwalbe and also the fire department .

You will also find simple 7-flame candle arches as well as large XXL candle arches with up to 15-flame lighting. There are also variants with modern LED lighting but also traditional ones with incandescent lamps.

You can find the matching candle arches and corresponding accessories in our “Saico candle arches and accessories” category.

The Saico nostalgia series

Saico pyramids

Made from the best woods and with the highest quality standards, there are different motifs and types of our pyramids.

From the simple table pyramid , which is equipped with up to 4 tea lights, to elegantly decorated pyramid houses , to multi-level and electrically operated pyramids .

You can find our Saico pyramids and corresponding accessories such as tea lights, pyramid candles , replacement lamps and figure sets in the “Saico pyramids and accessories” category.

Saico pyramids

Saico Nutcracker

It's a shame to crack nuts, but our high-quality nutcrackers are ideal as Christmas decorations. Our nutcrackers are made of high-quality wood and with delicate workmanship.

You can find everything about nutcrackers in our “Saico Nutcracker” category.

Saico window lights and stars

Poinsettias are very popular. With our German quality products you can make your living room, garden and windows shine and enjoy them for a long time.

If a light or electrical system no longer works, you will find the right replacement in our shop.

The passion for collecting for young and old - our Saico smokers and incense figures

Stamp collecting used to be a trend. Today, collecting smokers and figurines is popular.

In contrast to postage stamps, these have a high decorative value and, thanks to the smoking function, can create a fragrant atmosphere in your home and amaze the little ones.

We can also recommend our incense and collectible figures as a gift or souvenir if you want something special.

You can find the incense men and collectible figures with the matching incense candles as accessories in our shop under the category "Saico incense figures & accessories" .

Saico and Narva - fairy lights

Narva stands for German quality - just as it is expected in the Ore Mountains.

With the help of Narva fairy lights you can easily equip your Christmas tree with the right lighting. But we can also offer you special fairy lights for your candle arch .

Take your time to browse through our “Saico Narva fairy lights” category and find the right product for you and your family.

Saico tree hanging

Handmade, high quality and “Made in Germany” - that is the Saico tree hanging. This way you can complement and beautify your Christmas tree individually.

Simply choose the right tree hanging in our “Saico tree hanging” category.

Saico tealight candlesticks and music boxes

You can also enrich your Christmas decorations with our premium tealight candlesticks and music boxes.

Loving sounds and Christmas melodies, the Saico music boxes are sure to delight your children too.

And in the evening hours, the tea light holders with their tea lights create a warm and loving ambience.

Look for the right product in our “Saico tea light holders and music boxes” category.

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