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Accessories, replacement lamps and spare parts

Spare parts and accessories for Christmas

In our shop we offer you everything related to the Christmas season, and of course the right accessories shouldn't be missing.

Accessories for arc lights and poinsettias

Whether you need replacement lamps or cable sets to replace, you will find what you are looking for here.

Replacement bulbs for arc lights

Every lamp has a limited lifespan, no matter how high quality it is. If one breaks, that's no problem. You can find the right replacement lamps here.

Arc raisers

Often the arch of lights only really comes into its own when it is a little higher. We are offering you appropriate increases for this.

Replacement cable sets for poinsettias

We hang our poinsettias year after year. But even the most robust cable can be damaged with a little carelessness. For safety reasons, you should never use a defective cable. You can find a suitable replacement here.

Accessories for your Christmas pyramid

Find the right accessories for your Christmas pyramid.

Pyramid candles

With the right pyramid candles, your pyramid will always rotate evenly.

Figures for the Christmas pyramid

If you need a new set for your pyramid or if a figure has simply been lost, you will find the right replacement here.

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