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XXL smoker with lantern and vaporizer technology | 2 motifs

      Wooden art from the Erzgebirge

      Saico GmbH Seiffen - A company with tradition

      Saico candle arches

      The Saico represents a tradition that dates back to the 12th century . At a time when miners went underground early in the dark and came out late in the evening, the families wanted to give the miners some daylight back. This gave rise to the idea of ​​the candle arch , which characterizes wooden art from the Erzgebirge like almost no other Christmas decoration. The candle arch can be found in almost every window in the region during Advent. The candle arches from the Erzgebirge create a wonderful shimmer through their lights, which illuminates the entire Erzgebirge and offers a unique sight that cannot be found anywhere else in this form.

      Saico smokers, smokers and smokehouses

      But it's not just the candle arches that characterize wooden art from the Erzgebirge. The little smokers in particular are a lot of fun. With the right incense cones, which are now available in almost all scents, you can contribute to the Christmas atmosphere and ensure relaxation and well-being. We can also recommend our smokehouses and smoking ovens - these have their own charm - but are just as high quality as the small smokers.

      Saico Nutcracker

      Do you like something bigger and more unusual? No problem! There are also wonderful Saico nutcrackers - admittedly, these are actually far too good for cracking nuts. However, as an eye-catcher and graceful Christmas decoration, the nutcrackers are a true splendor. The nutcrackers from the Erzgebirge are available in many different motifs and sizes.

      Saico Christmas tree decorations and NARVA fairy lights

      Of course, you shouldn't neglect the Christmas tree either. Whether it's Christmas tree decorations from the Erzgebirge or NARVA fairy lights - Made in Germany, our range offers you a wide selection to wonderfully decorate your Christmas tree.

      Music boxes and tealight holders

      Christmas is above all a celebration for the family; everyone often sits together at the table. Then of course the right table decoration for Christmas should not be missing. The tea light holders from the Erzgebirge are not only elegantly made but also create a calming atmosphere in the evening thanks to their beautiful candlelight. Mechanical music boxes with Christmas melodies are particularly popular with children - they often associate such melodies with their favorite childhood memories.

      Saico Christmas pyramids

      Christmas pyramids are something like the icons among Christmas decorations. There are hardly any limits to their shapes and colors. Whether it's a small table pyramid or the large multi-level Christmas pyramid with a motor, we can enjoy them all. The quiet and even rotation of the impellers can have its own fascination in candlelight. With the matching nativity figures, the Christmas pyramids tell entire stories - the most famous is probably the Christmas story with Joseph and Mary. With the Saico Christmas pyramids you can rely on production and manufacturing without compromise. Admittedly, this of course comes at a price, but these Christmas pyramids last for generations and provide Christmas joy for a lifetime.

      Saico nostalgia and nostalgia

      We are particularly proud of our nostalgia and nostalgia series. No matter whether Trabi, Wartburg, hot air balloon, W50 or agricultural aircraft, this era of German history deserves a special mention. The nostalgic series represents a wide variety of motifs from the GDR era in the form of specially designed candle arches from the Ore Mountains. We try to expand the series with a few models every year. Are you a fan of Ostalgie and have an idea? Excellent! We are always looking forward to new ideas and always have an open ear for them. Please feel free to share your idea with us by email or by phone. We look forward to hearing from you!

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