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3er Set Marienberger Adventsstern 4 Farben
SAICO Adventsstern 60 cm | 3 Farben | rot

Window pictures from the Erzgebirge

Window pictures from the Erzgebirge

Most Christmas decorations are intended to be placed on the windowsill or on a sideboard, but there are also Christmas decorations that can be placed hanging on the window.

Christmas decoration for the window

Window pictures, window lights and Advent stars brighten up the Advent and Christmas season in their very special way . That's why this type of Christmas decoration has now found a large following. While arches and candle arches illuminate the lower part of the window, window lights can radiate their charm in the upper area.

Window pictures and Christmas lights for inside

In America, the trend is often towards strong outdoor lighting. In Germany and especially here in the Erzgebirge, high-quality indoor lighting has always been relied upon. On the one hand, this is reflected in the high quality of the lamps. On the other hand, especially when it comes to craftsmanship, which is still in high demand. The motifs of the window lights and Christmas lights are particularly well thought out so that the mood and the light come into their own.

Window pictures and stars cheaper in the sale

On the one hand, you can often find low prices and offers in our “Sale” category. On the other hand, window lights also offer many other options.

But it's not just the special type of design options that make window lights so attractive. As the smaller siblings of the candle arch, they are cheaper and find their niche especially where there is less space for Christmas decorations. This is another reason why they make a wonderful gift or souvenir during the most wonderful time of the year.

There are no limits to the color and shape when designing the window lights: whether in the shape of a star, with filigree fretwork, as a bell decorated with the Seiffen Church, or as a round ornament with a forest scene. A special highlight are window lights that combine light and dark wood and thereby enhance the effect of the light. This means they can be recognized as a piece of jewelry from afar.

All window lights and stars that you find in our shop are illuminated electrically. By using LED candles, operation is energy-saving and safe as there is no heat development. LED lamps also require little maintenance. If a change is still necessary, the candles can be easily removed. You can of course get accessories from us.

Window pictures illuminated

Illuminated window pictures differ from simple window pictures in the different levels . The motif is sawn twice, with the lighting disappearing almost invisibly in between. Modern LED technology leaves a lot of scope for flat 3D scenarios with carved figures and elements worked out down to the smallest detail. This makes the window lights appear very lifelike and three-dimensional .

Illuminated wooden window pictures

“Made in Germany” – you can trust that when purchasing all of our Erzgebirge products. All window pictures are created with loving, delicate work. In the Ore Mountains, where toy makers and wood artists were born out of the need of the poor miners, people are aware of the responsibility to preserve old customs and established customs. In the Saico shop you will find products from family businesses and manufacturers with a long tradition and where craftsmanship is very important. Due to the outstanding quality, all products are particularly durable. Our customers will enjoy it for many years, if not decades.

Window decorations from the Erzgebirge

As a very modern form in its field, the different window pictures still reflect the skills of the craftsmen from the Ore Mountains. In the Saico shop you will find original window lights from the Ore Mountains , which have been produced by our partner companies according to strict standards and using local types of wood.

Window pictures and Christmas lights for outside

There are all kinds of Christmas lights that are suitable for both outside and inside. Advent stars are among the most common, but fairy lights and certain candle arches are also suitable for both scenarios.

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